• Ariana Gutierrez

5 Tips for Thinning Hair

1. Take your vitamins!

You may have a B12 and vitamin D deficiency which can slow down hair growth and lead to thinning hair.

2. Keep your scalp healthy

Invest in professional products that are designed to keep your scalp healthy, hydrated and moisturized. Some products even designed to encourage hair growth! To learn more about the products we have available online please visit the link below:


3. Not too tight!

Avoid wearing your hair in constant ponytails and extensions. Too much tension can cause hair loss. This applies to blowdrying the hair too. You want to avoid as much stress on the hair as possible.

4. Use a Hair Mask

Hair can become brittle and break so it is really important to keep your hair moisturized and strong to prevent breakage. See our favourite hair mask below:


5. See a doctor and don’t ignore the signs

There might be a more serious underlying cause to your hair loss that your doctor can determine for which they can apply a medical solution.


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