• Ariana Gutierrez

Top 5 Blowout Tips!

1. Proper Prep

The #1 key to success is preparing your hair for a blowout. First, and depending on your hair texture, you must apply the correct shampoo and conditioner. By using the correct products you will cultivate the ideal conditions for your amazing blowout. At Besla Beauty we use the Unite product range which is customized for different hair types, giving us optimal results!

2. Products, Products, Products

It is essential to use high quality products that are tailored to your hair texture!  First, a heat protector should always be applied to protect your strands from any heat damage.  Now depending on your hair type, and after discussing with your stylist, additional products for volume and smoothing should be applied next. This will ensure your blowout will last, giving you that optimal result.

3. Tools Matter

Use professional blow dryers (at Besla Beauty we us the BabyBliss Pro Rapido) as well as high quality ceramic round brushes. Proper application will ensure heat is distributed evenly and frizz is minimized, giving you that beautiful finished look.

4. Technique is Everything

Proper tension will give you that glossy finish that you are looking for in a professional blow out. Correct nozzle placement is crucial and should always be pointing down the hair shaft to smooth the cuticle and boost shine. The goal is to keep your hair super healthy from root to tip! Finish up with the cool shot button to set the hair in place.

5. Finishing Touches

High quality styling products such as hairspray or glossing spray may be applied to set your blowout. Proper application will ensure your blowout lasts for days and days!! Apply a dry shampoo to absorb the oils on your scalp for extra longer wear.

Written by Ariana Gutierrez


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