• Ariana Gutierrez

Top Tips For Glowing Skin

1. Drink lots of Water!

Flush out toxins in both the body and the skin by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Keeping your cells hydrated from the inside out assists in the development of healthy glowing skin. When your cells are dehydrated your skin often looks dull, giving you a fatigued complexion. If you're excercising please drink more in accordance, and if you get tired of drinking plain water try adding a little cucumber and lemon!

Pro Tip: Invest in your own water bottle so you can drink on the go. Having your own water bottle is a great way to make drinking water an ingrained habit. Make drinking water fun with our favorite water bottle below

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep

This is probably the most beneficial and essential thing you can to do to keep your skin glowing. Proper sleep will prevent the effects of aging and reduce breakouts. The skin repairs itself during sleep, hence the phrase "Beauty Sleep". So go catch some Zzzz’s, your skin will thank you later!

3. We Are What We Eat!

Eating vitamin-packed foods such as healthy veggies and fruits will improve your complexion. Amp up on watermelon and cucumber, they are packed with water and antioxidants that keep your skin moisturized and glowing! Incorporate foods high in omega fatty acids, such as salmon and nuts, which keep the skin hydrated with natural oils.

4) Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation removes dead cells from the surface of your skin, leaving you smooth and glowing. There are 3 main ways to exfoliate. The first is a scrub, this is great for everyday use and does not break the bank. The second is a chemical exfoliant usually containing AHA’s, glycolic acids, or Salicylic acids. Chemical exfoliants peel off the dead outer layer of skin and produce great effects, but are a little more costly. The third is a skin device, for example, the Clarisonic, or the Neutrogena Wave. Skin devices are usually battery operated and create a vibration motion that sweeps away the dead skin leaving your skin as smooth as it would be after a facial!

5) Illuminate

Swap your regular moisturizer for an illuminating moisturizer. These pack tons of light and glow into a dewy moisturizer. Leaving you with the most natural glow you’ve ever seen. This will take your glow to a whole other level.


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